I guess by "finding" you mean the route plotter picked one of these as a waypoint?
Because otherwise it's not difficult to find them - most obvious way by filtering for them in the galaxy map. I sometimes took me the time to untick the usual stuff to check whether some kind of unusual star type is in my vincinity.
An alternative way is to search for the heaviest systems in the sector by using the search function and search for "<sector name> AA-A H[n]" - like for the screenshot you posted above, it would search for "Lysoorb AA-A H0". Often those systems are Os, or black holes - just don't expect them to be not yet discovered, because many people know about this particular sector coding, esp. AA-A H0 wink Oh, and there might also be H1, H2, ... more such heavy systems in the same sector. If you enter just <sector> AA-A H and hit search again and again, it will cycle through all those systems in the sector.
Except that this particular sector was a bad example, as accoring to EDSM Lysoorb AA-A H0 is just a small T Tauri star frown But in many sectors this method yields something big.