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Again thanks for your tweaks VonS they really are an excellent addition.
I was wondering if you could give me some advice? I noticed that you mentioned that you've put "tree congestion has been slightly thinned out in this patch (by about 10-15%) from stock"

If i wanted to add some extra trees (i know id lose some fps) then in what file would i add them? Also i use V1.1.1 v1.3 and v1.4 would i have to change a file in the latest JSGME setting (1.4)? Thanks in advance for any reply VonS
Cheers Adger

Glad the WOFF Tuner Patch is proving so helpful Adger. In terms of tree congestion, two ways to toggle that. The easy way is simply to increase forest/tree density in the main WOFF menu from medium to full - but I have no idea what kind of an impact that will have on fps - have always left that setting at medium.

The other, more subtle way is to tinker with the last numbers in the budget rings entries of the compositescenerybudgets file, located in the terrain folder, of my Tuner Patch. For example, since you are using ver. 1.3, that changes the compositescenery numbers already provided in ver. 1.1.1 that needs to be installed for the other addons to work - ver. 1.4, on the other hand, changes the compositetexturebudgets file provided in the main ver. 1.1.1 patch. So, in your case, the relevant entry from the ver. 1.3 compositescenerybudgets file (which is the one you want to tinker with) is as follows:

<Budget Name="One">
<Rings AboveGroundLevel="0" MaxDistEyeInnerRing="0">
<Ring PatchWorldDim="2048" RingDim="10" LOD="17" MajorDensity="0.00001" />
<Ring PatchWorldDim="1024" RingDim="17" LOD="50" MajorDensity="0.00004" />
<Ring PatchWorldDim="512" RingDim="15" LOD="70" MajorDensity="0.00011" />
<Ring PatchWorldDim="256" RingDim="11" LOD="90" MajorDensity="0.00013" />
<Ring PatchWorldDim="128" RingDim="12" LOD="100" MajorDensity="0.00015"/>
<Budget Name="Two">
<Rings AboveGroundLevel="0" MaxDistEyeInnerRing="0">
<Ring PatchWorldDim="2048" RingDim="11" LOD="17" MajorDensity="0.00002" />
<Ring PatchWorldDim="1024" RingDim="17" LOD="50" MajorDensity="0.00005" />
<Ring PatchWorldDim="512" RingDim="14" LOD="70" MajorDensity="0.00013" />
<Ring PatchWorldDim="256" RingDim="11" LOD="90" MajorDensity="0.00015" />
<Ring PatchWorldDim="128" RingDim="11" LOD="100" MajorDensity="0.00017"/>
<Budget Name="Three">
<Rings AboveGroundLevel="0" MaxDistEyeInnerRing="0">
<Ring PatchWorldDim="2048" RingDim="11" LOD="17" MajorDensity="0.00003"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="1024" RingDim="13" LOD="50" MajorDensity="0.00008"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="512" RingDim="20" LOD="70" MajorDensity="0.00011"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="256" RingDim="13" LOD="90" MajorDensity="0.00015"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="128" RingDim="11" LOD="100" MajorDensity="0.00018"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="64" RingDim="10" LOD="110" MajorDensity="0.00019"/>
<Budget Name="Four">
<Rings AboveGroundLevel="0" MaxDistEyeInnerRing="0">
<Ring PatchWorldDim="2048" RingDim="11" LOD="17" MajorDensity="0.00004"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="1024" RingDim="13" LOD="30" MajorDensity="0.00008"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="512" RingDim="20" LOD="50" MajorDensity="0.00012"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="256" RingDim="20" LOD="70" MajorDensity="0.00016"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="128" RingDim="18" LOD="90" MajorDensity="0.00018"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="64" RingDim="13" LOD="100" MajorDensity="0.00020"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="32" RingDim="11" LOD="110" MajorDensity="0.00021"/>
<Budget Name="Five">
<Rings AboveGroundLevel="0" MaxDistEyeInnerRing="0">
<Ring PatchWorldDim="2048" RingDim="10" LOD="17" MajorDensity="0.00006"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="1024" RingDim="13" LOD="30" MajorDensity="0.00009"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="512" RingDim="19" LOD="50" MajorDensity="0.00013"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="256" RingDim="19" LOD="70" MajorDensity="0.00017"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="128" RingDim="17" LOD="90" MajorDensity="0.00019"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="64" RingDim="11" LOD="100" MajorDensity="0.00021"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="32" RingDim="10" LOD="110" MajorDensity="0.00022"/>

The density values in the various budget levels are already a bit more "congested" in ver. 1.3 than in the ver. 1.1.1 compositescenerybudgets file, and especially so when compared with the ver. 1.2 file - but if you want to tinker further, I recommend increasing each of the "majordensity" values by a number of about "0.00002" or "0.00003." This, for example, will give you majordensity numbers, for budget ring level one, of:

<Ring PatchWorldDim="2048" RingDim="10" LOD="17" MajorDensity="0.00003" />
<Ring PatchWorldDim="1024" RingDim="17" LOD="50" MajorDensity="0.00006" />
<Ring PatchWorldDim="512" RingDim="15" LOD="70" MajorDensity="0.00013" />
<Ring PatchWorldDim="256" RingDim="11" LOD="90" MajorDensity="0.00015" />
<Ring PatchWorldDim="128" RingDim="12" LOD="100" MajorDensity="0.00017"/>

Take note however that such tweaks may result in a slight fps hit when compared with the unmodified, possible fps numbers for my patch. Also possible is that micro-stutters may be reintroduced. And, most of all, tree density may not so much be increased as the distance to which trees are seen - for noticeable increase in tree density, we have to toggle again the forest/tree congestion in the main WOFF menu to a higher setting (which I avoid tinkering with).

Anyway, hope you can get desired tree congestion/viewing distance with the tweaks suggested above. (I won't tinker anymore with the Tuner Patch myself since I don't want to reintroduce any oddities.)

Von S smile

NOTE: Don't forget to unload the Tuner Patch in JSGME before modifying the relevant compositescenerybudgets file, and before loading it up again.

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