Thank you everyone for the kind words - WOFF is wonderfully immersive and I look forward to more adventures with the Bristol Scout. Will be interesting to compare it with the Fokk. E.II flown by Kiener. Already it flies much more nicely. The Eindecker is always a handful - tweaked FM or not.

@ BB, considering the realism of your "full weather" clouds upgrade, I'm sure that I will be in rain, winds, and overcast skies very soon. Looking forward to the bad weather! biggrin

(I will include the FM tweak for the Bristol Scout Type C with a ver. 5.0 of the FM update pack, sometime in the coming months - no official release date yet since I want to comb over the Nieups. 17 and 24, and will visit the M-S and Pfalz Parasols too, since I will have more free time then.)

Hope to fly mission no. 13 for Major Dobson soon, then another couple of missions for the RFC before switching to Bosta 2 and the northernmost sector of the front.

An excellent sim for building a novel...providing these two campaigns last long enough - I'll then have to decide on a title that maintains the spirit of the 1910s as much as I've attempted to do with the diction in the reports. smile

Perhaps something like:

Master Caligula's Easy Chair: Tales of WW1 Aerial Heroes and Their Escapades for the Armchair Enthusiast


Lady Harbury's Burlesque Studio: Wild Days and Nights Above the Trenches of the Great War

Von S

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