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More wonderful write-ups and stories VonS, most enjoyable. And some stellar screenshots as well. Also, that farmhouse in the picture above, I swear I've force landed next to it myself on more than one occasion. smile2

Much appreciated Lou - I'm glad everyone's enjoying the reports. WOFF is excellent for immersion.

Yes, that farmhouse is not too far from Passchendaele and close to one of the main roads. A convenient place to land in case of engine trouble - also easy to locate because of the Drachen balloon that's there.

Mission No. 7 for Hauptmann Kiener now flown and boy was it a long and exciting one biggrin - write up to follow eventually, Hutzenlaub has been captured by the British among other things (is somewhere close to no man's land). Have to develop a side-story for him. After that it's back to the Johnny Dobson adventures - the Parasol will be a more relaxing break from the Eindeckers (it's getting a little too hot for comfort in the Eindeckers as we approach the end of 1915 - then again they were never great fighters to begin with, the first "Fokker Scourge" being, partly, over-hyped - although B.E.2b and B.E.2c pilots might disagree with me smile ).

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