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That's the one VonS. He also talked about one poor sod who did aerobatics over the airfield until his wings broke off..

Yes, that was the "ham-fisted new fellow" who did a couple of dives in the Se5 and tore the wings off, crashed and exploded, after behaving himself well during formation flying. Take note fellow WOFFers - it's possible to pull the wings off of the Scout Experimental too. smile The problem isn't so much the speed of the dive, but the lack of a smooth exit from dives.

Other good reads for those looking over the casual campaigns thread....Open Cockpit by Arthur Gould Lee (I'm currently reading that one). Also fondly remembered is Eastern Nights and Flights by Alan Bott (for those who like the exotic theaters such as the middle eastern front in WWI).

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And there’s this from the most excellent website that gives a day to day report from the air war ...


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Absolutely brilliant story telling and writing VonS! I love how you write and the Pictures are superb! Keep going...

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