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Great stuff VonS,I'm really enjoying reading your stories pal.

Also a big thank you for your GPU tuner patches..I use both the WOFF and WOTR versions thumbsup

Thank you Adger, and glad to hear that the Tuner Patches are working well for you.

Von S smile

// See WOFF on a Mac post for links to FM Tweaks Packages and GPU Tuner Patch for WOFF PE/UE. (https://tinyurl.com/WOFFonMac) // VonS WOFF/WOTR mods. are tweaks of files that are © OBD Software. // FE2 Tweaked FMs & Realism Pack (https://tinyurl.com/FE2fms) // FE2 Representative Vids. (https://tinyurl.com/fe2onamac) //