Did some more tinkering, this time for WOTR, and I think I've managed to come up with a few tweaks that I'm happy with for WOTR. Fuzzy/blurry distance graphics at higher alts. have been eliminated, no blue triangles are present at low alts., and the tweaks give a slight increase over stock fps in WOTR (although not as great a difference as fps improvements in WOFFpe). Those who enjoy running my GPU Tuner Patch for WOFFpe, and also have a copy of WOTR, might want to check out the patch and install instructions at the link here:


The trick to getting rid of fuzzy distance textures at higher alts. in WOTR is to include the following two entries, under the rings sections, in the compositetexturebudgets file:

<Ring PatchWorldDim="16384" ... MinMaskRadius="53248"/>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="8192" ... MinMaskRadius="40960"/>

The trick for getting rid of blue triangles at low alts. in WOTR is, in the same file, to avoid including the following two entries at the bottom of the rings sections:

<Ring PatchWorldDim="64" ...>
<Ring PatchWorldDim="32" ...>

Further, "minmaskradius" nos. for the 128 and 64 "patchworlddim" levels, at stock values of 768 and 384, seem to cause trouble (better is a value of 256 "minmaskradius" for 128 "patchworlddim," etc.).

Hope to get back to flying casual campaigns in WOFFpe very soon. The Eindecker E.IIa awaits!

Von S smile

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