Quick interlude regarding the GPU Tuner Patch - while it works wonderfully with WOFFpe, I don't recommend using it with WOTR.

Have now tested all three of the vers. in WOTR, and, much like with the Panama Red level-3 and level-4 tweaks when tested in WOTR, I'm getting noticeably blurry textures in the distance, at high alts., with little to no benefit to the fps. Yes there are no blue triangles but, still, at this point I recommend either running WOTR stock, or, if you don't mind occasional blue triangles at low alts. - but would prefer all-round crisp textures, especially at alts., and an improvement by about 10-15 fps over stock ratings, implement the following tips ------>

1. use the budget numbers listed, in text, under my long WOFF on a Mac thread, for the compositescenerybudgets file in WOTR

2. use the ring numbers listed, in text, under my long WOFF on a Mac thread, for the compositetexturebudgets file in WOTR (the info. for the compositetexturebudgets file is located further below the info. regarding the compositescenerybudgets file there, in that long thread/post)

3. in the Terrain file, under /shaders30, set the floating point size to 512 (leave the patch pixel dim value at stock, 256, in the compositetexturebudgets file, and also leave at stock value in the two d3d8 ini files)

If I stumble onto a trick that eliminates blue triangles fully in WOTR, without giving me fuzzy textures in the distance, I'll post results under this "Casual Campaigns" thread. The trick lies somewhere in the compositetexturebudgets file since that is the one that eliminates blue triangles but brings in fuzzy distance textures unfortunately. The crisper the distance textures, the greater the risk of blue triangles at low alts. Fortunately the blue triangles are not seen regularly - but you do get more fps with the tips listed above.

Hope to have a mission up for Oberleutnant Von Pranz in a few days.

Happy flying,
Von S smile

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