New week, new rewards

It's a bit of a recurring theme that the weekly rewards hold little appeal for me, but there is double heists payout. Who's up for it? biggrin hahaha

Discount on high-end apartments. I have one, but might just buy a second for the convenience of having a second safe haven elsewhere in the city. The price on these is already reasonable before the discount. Something downtown like Alta Street or Integrity way, or maybe a penthouse at the casino. My current apartment is next to the golf course on the west side of Los Santos (Richards Majestic 51), so maybe another one downtown or on the east side might be a good idea. More garage space anyway. With the free 2 million for logging in the past two weeks I've a bit to burn.

And for what it's worth I did not win the Furia on the lucky wheel. I don't use glitches or exploits to spin repeatedly. My GTAO empire is straight up legit. And looks like it too smile

I did however get probably the worst possible spin yesterday. It was Mystery prize "All snacks will be refilled", which is bad enough on the face of it, but more so when your snacks are already full. Here's to better luck this week.

Edit: I ended up buying 3 Alta Street, Apt 57. It cost just 145k on sale. Same exact interior of my other one, 2-floors with clear bedroom windows. Location is right downtown, near the construction and that tunnel you used in the Vangelico heist in story mode. Gives me a second place to crash or evade, and another 10 garage spaces, even though that makes 40 or 60 now, and I have nowhere near that many vehicles.

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