Its frustrating,

Bought this on steam IIRC like 5 years ago. Many systems still do not work, the enemy AI is pretty nonexistant. The promised dynamic campaign ( the main reason many of us bought into this) is not implemented at all and I will be surprised if it ever is anytime soon. Many of the cockpit systems are not working yet although some progress has been made on that this year. Many of the land based runways in some areas are uneven and provide for a very bumpy landing. Lastly we may get a very small update every 4-6 months so there are long stretches of silence. The team really should hire more people, heck given the love shown by many modders out there that mod scores of other sims, both old and new, they could probably find many willing to help out on this project.

The flight model iis above adequate, as are the graphics. I just wish we had the campaign because right now all you can do is fly and look around for the most part as there is no real war or objectives.

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