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Thank you so much for your GPU Tuner Patches! Most excellent and well done. smile
Although mileage is going to vary depending on operating system, CPU, graphics card, and driver here are some stats for my system that I calculated based upon as standardized bench marking I could do (though imprecise as there was no set "track" for testing - but these were formulated by 3 run averages of each condition in identical weather, identical enemies, doing basically the same thing each time over 3 min frap logs):

Comparison to PR v2 (Quality)

PR v3 (High): - 10.99% fps average
VonS v1.2: - 1.01% fps average
VonS v1.3: - 2.54% fps average

So for me, both VonS versions I tested (sorry, didn't do v1.1) were better than PR (High) and quite close to PR (Quality), while looking better overall. Also, imho, VonS v.1.3 looks the best compared to VonS v1.2 and is only a very minor sacrifice in fps (at least for me).

Thank you for the feedback - I'm very pleased that the GPU Tuner Patch is helping with fps/smoothness of flight, and other good things. As you've noticed, ver. 1.3 slightly improves graphics at great distances, and also - theoretically - should give slightly crisper ground textures at low-alts., since it introduces several extra "ringdim" levels - although it slightly reduces fps compared to ver. 1.2. Ver. 1.1, visual-quality-wise, is somewhere between vers. 1.2 and 1.3. Overall, my patches are slightly less-gpu intensive than the PR level-3 and level-4 (high and highest) quality patches - but, in general, good visuals have been maintained - with an absolute minimum, sometimes absence, of micro-stuttering.

Happy flying all,
Von S smile

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