Please find included at the following link - - ver. 1.3 of the GPU Tuner Patch. New info. included there for ver. 1.3, "RingDimExtravaganza" - also please check over the approximate top fps possible, with clear blue skies, indicated there (per version patch).

The ver. 1.3 addon includes several more ring dim entries per budget section in the compositescenerybudgets file. Personally I prefer ver. 1.2 for best fps - but I encourage you to try all three patches (the main one, and vers. 1.2 and 1.3) - and to use the one that works best on your rigs. Have also tested with "even only" and "odd only" ringdim values - but this reintroduced micro-stuttering on occasion so I will, at least in my patches, keep the varied mix of even/odd numbers that I have going - for smoothest fps possible.

Anyone is of course welcome to tinker further with the patches for their WOFF installs - your mileage may however vary with further and different tweaks beyond the three main patches that I've made available for download. That's it for the GPU Tuner Patch tweaks from my end. Campaign posts to follow soon.

Von S smile

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