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Yes, indeed, altering the compositescenerybudget and compositetexturebudget files is a very tricky business, with lots of tinkering and testing and little change in performance, unless you manage to get things "just right."

I have noticed that my own personal compositescenerybudget/compositetexturebudget files extends the view distance for detailed objects further than your mod, with only a slight loss of performance. I noticed this in particular while flying at 10,000 ft. over London. With your version, I could not detect any detailed objects in front of my lower wing while I can with mine. I can post my values later if you are interested.

One more suggestion, if I may: consider changing all of your RingDim values to either all even or all odd numbers. I think I read somewhere that mixing even and odd RingDim values may lead to some unspecified problems. I think MajorMagee is the expert on this issue.

Thanks again for all of your hard work!

Thank you for the feedback - I will test out this theory of odd/even ringdim values to see/compare with my files - so far I haven't noticed any oddities or glitches with my ver. 1.1 patch, or the ver. 1.2 addon - but will be interested in testing wiith consistent dim numbers. Will also up the lod nos. to see if I can stretch out views of details. Will also pop in an extra ringdim line with a size of only 32 or 64 - to see if I can get low-alt. terrains looking super-crispy - although this may reintroduce blue triangles...will report if any great things are discovered.

(In terms of detailed objects being rarer at distances in my patch, that is probably the result of my "thinning out" trees/detail at distances, for slightly higher fps - rather than a direct result of ringdim values and lod sizes - a little trick I had to use on Intel Integrated Graphics chips, on my Mac Mini, to get more fps out of WOFF ue installed in WineSkin.)

Von S smile

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