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VonS I’m looking forward to trying out this add on later. So far your works has added smoothness and high FPS ... I’m now testing with very heavy regional activity and the frame rates are staying 100+ and no micro stutters or elastic banding. You can tweak this as much as you you like from my point of view, but I do want you to have fun flying as well.

The technical details mean very little to me so I am happy to ride on your coat tails!

Thank you again

Excellent news - I've flown missions no. 7 and 8 for Cap'n. Dobson and also experienced good, consistent fps - using the "4RingDim" patch in my case. Also pleased to have seen a smaller drop-off in fps towards the end of long missions (longer than an hr. in length) - as opposed to the ver. 1.1 patch - with fps remaining around 80 or so towards the end of a long mission, compared with around 55-60 fps with the ver. 1.1 patch.

Von S smile

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