Yes, indeed, altering the compositescenerybudget and compositetexturebudget files is a very tricky business, with lots of tinkering and testing and little change in performance, unless you manage to get things "just right."

I have noticed that my own personal compositescenerybudget/compositetexturebudget files extends the view distance for detailed objects further than your mod, with only a slight loss of performance. I noticed this in particular while flying at 10,000 ft. over London. With your version, I could not detect any detailed objects in front of my lower wing while I can with mine. I can post my values later if you are interested.

One more suggestion, if I may: consider changing all of your RingDim values to either all even or all odd numbers. I think I read somewhere that mixing even and odd RingDim values may lead to some unspecified problems. I think MajorMagee is the expert on this issue.

Thanks again for all of your hard work!