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One more question. Does your d3d8.dll conflict with Robert Wiggins' custom d3d8.dll mod?

I recommend, as per my instructions under the "ver. 1.1" section of the post that contains a link to the GPU Tuner Patch - not installing my two d3d8.ini files if you prefer your own custom settings in those files and/or are using the Rob Wiggins d3d8 patch. I do however recommend changing the pixel dim size in both d3d8 files (the one in the main WOFF directory and the one in WOFFScenery), if you are using my GPU Tuner Patch - from the stock value of 256 to 100. (I might eventually experiment with different pixel dim sizes there - but for now a value of 100 works best, from what I've been able to test - for smooth fps and absence of stutters.) In fact I might just tinker with different dim sizes there tonight. biggrin Although I will try not to release a new ver. of the GPU Tuner Patch anytime soon - I think "ver. 1.2" is about as good as I can get it going. smile

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