Hi Rob,

Thank you for the feedback - that would make sense generally that the PR level-3 mod has higher fps - what I've done in my mod is combined my tweaks from the WOFF on a Mac thread with the level-4, highest-quality PR patch for WOFF. The level-4 PR patch should give similar fps as my patch, with my patch probably using slightly less gpu resources - but I will still tinker further with the patch and will see if I can shave off some more gpu usage and increase the fps a bit more.

I have the strange feeling that there are still more things/mysteries to discover in the compositescenerybudgets and compositetexturebudgets files.

I'm testing the patch on Windows 10 (pro ed.) by the way - for those who are interested in the technicalities. Perhaps Windows 7 gives better fps with the PR patch instead of mine. Also it's possible that the fps vary depending on AMD, nVidia, as well as crossfire setups (if anyone is running multiple cards).

It's possible that my patch won't be a one-size-fits-all solution but if it's of help to anyone to give as smooth as possible an experience with flight in WOFF - all the better.

Von S smile

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