Hi Seb,

Glad to read that ver. 1.1 of the GPU Tuner is working well too, excellent news and great screenshots.

Have now installed the BuckeyeBob clouds ver. 2.9.x so will go a' flying soon in mission no. 7 - and see how well they work in the PE ed. of WOFF. I've tinkered a bit with JJJ's nice mission editor too but will most likely not install it now (maybe later) - since I like the element of surprise in stock WOFF and not knowing what types of enemy aircraft, or how many, are around. Also, instead of changing mission waypoints, I usually just "veer off" a bit to where our brave flying gentlemen in the sim might want to go for better spotting, etc. I might on occasion use the "split" command to separate from my flight if necessary - haven't tried that one so far. JJJ's multimod is in the meantime working beautifully with the selections posted on the first page of this thread - I particularly like the winds set to moderate for horizontal and turbulence, and to low for vertical - still provides very realistic variety based on winds/cloud patterns. My compliments to OBD for managing to code real, changing weather patterns into the campaigns in WOFF - great stuff.

(Note: currently tinkering a bit more with the GPU Tuner Patch but hope to fly a new mission soon for Cap'n. Dobson.)

Von S smile

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