Hi BuckeyeBob,

Invaluable information - and thank you for letting me know about that.

I've just completed some tests with image quality increased (not density) for the outer rings and, while it doesn't really affect my fps by much - it does produce occasional and noticeable stuttering, especially when flying closer to ground level. Have also experimented with other tweaks to image quality and tile frequency/numbers in the compositescenery and compositetexturebudgets files but no noticeable improvements were seen. If anything, minor stuttering was re-introduced. I will therefore go back to my previous conclusion that ver. 1.1 of the GPU Tuner Patch will most likely be the final/definitive version of the patch - since it strikes the best balance between visual quality and smooth, high fps - and I'm glad to hear that it works well on nVidia cards too, not only on AMD.

Further combat missions coming up, and will also tinker with JJJ's mission editor and BuckeyeBob's clouds soon.

Von S smile

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