Hi Seb,

I'm glad to read that the GPU Tuner Patch is helpful - from what I've noticed on my rig, micro-stutters are also absent (haven't noticed any serious drops in fps, or pauses, with the latest ver. 1.1 tweaks either) - I recommend checking out the latest ver. 1.1 if you haven't had an opportunity to do so (link is located a couple of posts above).

I'm tempted to try out one more thing with the GPU Tuner Patch - and if necessary to release a ver. 1.2 eventually - I will try to attempt a few visual tricks so that terrain that is further away has exactly the same graphics quality as terrain immediately below/around the aircraft you are flying. While barely noticeable any more (with the ver. 1.0 and ver. 1.1 patches) - there is still a very, very perceptible transition from immediate terrain to terrain further away.

This is just the reality of the terrain generating engine - but I'll try a few more tweaks and will post results if I notice any changes. The theory is to have slightly higher-quality terrain patches showing up further away, which, visually, should end up looking the same quality as terrain in the immediate vicinity - that's the theory anyway. (Nit-picky, I know, but it's worth an experiment or two - will report back if successful.)

Von S smile

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