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Hey VonS,

Great work, I'm checking it out right now!

Many Thanks


Hi Seb,

Hope the tweaks prove useful - they work well on my pair of AMD cards. I'm assuming they should work well for nVidia cards too. (If necessary I might do a few more tweaks in the future to the pixel dim patch and floating sizes, and call it a "version 2" patch - but for now I'll leave the tweaks as is.)

In the meantime, I will fly the next two to three missions on the RFC side, to revisit Cap'n. Johnny Dobson and his Morane Parasols. No sense in pushing Von Pranz's luck too much after his first victory over the gunbus, far behind enemy lines.

Von S smile

Hey VonS,

I've been using them now for five days, and the mod is brilliant. Your mod combined with NVIDIA profile inspector has the game running smoothly, beautifully and fast! with 8XAA

[Linked Image]

This is my PC

[Linked Image]

Thanks for all your hard work!

And I'm continuing to love Johnny Dobson's adventures!


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