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Now that is what I was missing from my sim setup, goose pate!!

When I installed Reshade I did not not do what it told me to. It told me to install something for directx8 and I ignored it - it works without that.

Thank you for the tip regarding ReShade - I will try installing it that way (I would always check off dx9 upon installation - so it's possible that was causing problems for me).

Also, for those using my "GPU Tuner Patch" for WOFF, please see the relevant post (link included here https://SimHQ.com/forum/ubbthreads....casual-campaigns-woff-thread#Post4505865) for the latest version, 1.1, of the patch. Additions to the latest ver. are outlined there. That will probably be the last/definitive version of the patch since it squeezes about as many fps out of WOFF, while maintaining high quality graphics, as possible. No sense in endlessly tinkering with the patch - hope it's of use to many WOFFers - it works wonders on my rig (and is worth a try in WOTR too). A big thanks to PanamaRed, Ankor, and all other tweakers who I may have forgotten to mention and who earlier contributed to the disappearance of blue triangles in WOFF, and also other pioneering work to improve FPS.

Next mission no. 7 for Cap'n. Dobson will follow in a day or two - with the latest GPU Tuner Patch applied - and will also test BuckeyeBob's ver. 2.9.x clouds in the flight (to see if it works well with the PE ed. of WOFF).

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