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I use Reshade and love it.

This might not be your case below as it might be crashing while flying.

Just in case you mean crashing at the beginning - I have to wait quite a while for all the effects to be applied at the beginning so it can look like its crashed at first. If I don't touch anything at all and just wait, no mouse, nothing then it resolves itself and works. If I touch the mouse then ctd for sure.

I use the cloud mod 2.0 because it looks great and if I choose vsync in nvidia I get 60fps which for me is wonderful. I have 4k non-gaming monitor at 60hz. I got it for the height of the physical screen beats my mth2go 3 screens I used to use without the edge distortion. I run it at 1920 and I am very happy with those settings.

I have 32gb of ram so I get some stutters in the first 10 seconds but after looking around with the trackir 2 or 3 times its all good, same as xplane when loading photo scenery.

However I have not tested with loads of aircraft in a furball.

I unfortunately get the WOFF "dll" (driver) crash if I install ReShade - and then the loading screen hangs - but I will test it further in the future. It's possible that there are some tricks (or missing files) to get ReShade running properly - I will rummage around the internet to find more info. about it. I'm still using padlock and mouse views in my sims - will have to give trackIR a go sometimes.

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