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I wonder if your GPU Tuner would work for WOTR?

I will be testing before and after tonight. Can't hurt with JGSME.

I think from the pics you aren't using the cloud mod? I mean the 2.0 here:

I think the GPU Tuner should work just fine in WOTR - I definitely recommend testing it out there too - might not give as much of an fps increase as in WOFF, but 10 or so extra fps is always worth it. The cloud mod I always used in ver. 4.18 of WOFFue was the "2.9.2" BuckeyeBob package - in fact I will be testing it in WOFFpe in the next couple of missions, to see how it handles. If it doesn't hurt fps too much or produce other oddities, I might run it regularly (again) in WOFFpe. The 2.0 "high res" clouds mod by 4L0M I've never run since I didn't want to experience an fps hit.

Mission no. 6 for Cap'n. Dobson now complete and will post soon - good results with the latest tweaks for the GPU tuner (I think that turning on some of the lighting and specular entries in the shaders.xml file has, overall, lightened up some of the ground terrain and I'm getting a stronger hint of green, very nice since I can no longer use SweetFX with WOFFpe, and that "ReShade" thing never worked for me - always CTDs) - so I will go ahead and post the revised GPU Tuner package soon.

Von S smile

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