Finally received the 1 million log-in bonus. Having logged in last Thursday, I should have received it on Sunday, but didn't. It finally came through yesterday. New week begins tomorrow, so be sure to log in today at the latest to get the first week's money. That means a new set of weekly rewards. I didn't care for most of this week's, but 2x CEO/VIP work was nice. I ran a lot of Sightseer and Headhunter and each one pays 50k when doubled, so I made some good bank over the course of the event.

But ya know, I've a problem. And that's because there's really nothing I want to buy. I'm saving it up and maybe down the road something will trigger a purchase.

Arcade? What for, no one to run heists with so it's a waste.

Casino Penthouse? the only thing I do there is grab my free 1000 bucks everyday and spin the wheel for free stuff. Don't see any reason to buy in.

Nightclub? Nah.

Motorcycle Club? Ditto.

In the end I'll probably blow it on supercars and helicopters, but only on sale! smile

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure