Quick technical note that the MultiMod pic. in my earlier post above has now been updated to the latest settings I'm using - AI shooting range increased to a value of 300, and accuracy of gunners slightly detuned to a value of 4.5. Works very well now, with lots of variety, in quick combat tests. Also decreased collision range to 250, and increased my gun range to 250 (still at a disadvantage to the AI but more competitive and allows for the odd distance shot). Also increased engine start delay slightly to 10 secs., and increased slightly values for aircraft stress damage (stress damage tweaks simply change values in the simulation.xml file by the way, and don't do anything with aircraft xfm files).

Also, for those tinkering with my patch pixel dim and floating size values mentioned above, I recommend trying out the following two tweaks as well (on my rig I've managed to squeeze out a bit more fps this way, also smoothness and graphics sharpness).

Tweaks have been temporarily deleted from this particular post since I've managed to get rid of blue triangles entirely but applying several of my modifications to the level-4 Panama Red video tweak - still tinkering with some settings to see how frame rates are holding up, and also to see if I can squeeze out crisper graphics in low-alt. flights. Will most likely post the modified tweaks via a dropbox link once I've sorted this out - might as well nip it in the bud now since I'm already working on it. Von Pranz has by the way flown his third mission - stay tuned for the excitement. smile

Von S

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