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Hi VonS,

I'm enjoying these reports and the technical tweeks, quick question where do these values go? I looked in the config settings but couldnt see them. Am I missing something? I'd love to give them a go!

I'd love to see you in DiD campaign too ... and for your peace of mind I'm totally not a hot shot! The only thing I do well is mistakenly wind up the Gong Fairy!

Happy Flying!


Hi Seb,

You will find those files located in your c_drive/OBDSoftware/WOFF/OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields directory. The compositetexturebudgets and compositescenerybudgets files are located in the "terrain" folder under that directory path. The other file, that contains the float texture size, is located in the "shaders30" folder, and is called "Terrain" (again to be found under the same directory path). I recommend making a backup of those three files (in stock format), and storing them somewhere safe, before attempting my recommended tweaks.

I'm in the meantime trying to decide whether or not to increase the "AI guns shooting range" value in JJJ's "MultiMod" to 300, and to drop rear gun accuracy by half a point to "4.5." Will test the values further to strike a good balance between good rear gunners but to avoid sniper accuracy, for variety and realism. The good thing about the MultiMod is that it follows averages that are already set up in WOFF - so tinkering with the values still leaves room for exceptional cases (of good or bad marksmanship).

Glad you're enjoying the casual campaigns reports - I hope to have a new one up soon, for Von Pranz's Eindecker.

Von S smile

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