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I am going to collect all of your how to fly comments, VonS wink

Did not know the magneto stuff nor about the horsepower stuff on the other thread at all. Good fun to learn.

WOTR is quite realistic with engine management - I always like the little details in the OBD sims. On the Spit., sometimes advisable is a higher landing speed of about 150 kph (rather than the 130-140 kph rule I posted above) - just to be on the safer side and not on the edge of a stall.

For engine management tips in WOFF - I recommend the thread over at this link:

Engine Management Tips (for Rotaries) in WOFF

Another tip for WOFF is to always run with fuel set to 70 or 80% approximately, since this is closer to real-world conditions, unless you are running the "realistic fuel consumption mod by Orbyx" that is included in JJJ's "MultiMod" manager for WOFF - available under the relevant WOFF threads.

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