Mission no. 2 for Oberleutnant Otto von Pranz...

(Note: wind set to vertical and turbulence low, horizontal moderate - is working wonderfully for immersion - via Jara's MultiMod; floating point at a value of 128 seems okay for now but will test further in relation to frame rates; medium coercion settings for encounters with enemy flights are working very well, as evident in the report below.)

On Nov. 5 I was to fly a long circuit once again, south of Ypres and back, largely on our side of the lines. Also flying today was an Aviatik and another Eindecker that we recently received. I ascended and accompanied the other Eindecker and Aviatik as far as Aartrijke. Seeing that they were doing well, I headed towards the lines, and slightly south, nearer to Passchendale, where I slightly crossed over the lines. I then continued heading south, expecting to make it at least to Ypres, when I noticed over the left wing, at a much lower alt., two Parasols heading towards our lines. I circled and began a descent gradually, making sure to remain either below and far behind the Parasols, or at least in front of them - knowing that this way I would be safe.

One Parasol eventually disengaged and headed back towards its aerodrome, while the other fellow and I intermittently exchanged fire, with me getting about 10 rounds into him, and he getting about 4 or 5 rounds into my engine. Hearing that my engine had developed trouble, I attempted another couple of maneuvers around the Parasol but considered it wise now to turn towards my lines and crossed over, with a thin stream of smoke following (that I had only then noticed). In the meantime the Parasol had also disappeared from the area. Throughout our brief skirmish, a battle was observed to be raging between the trenches below.

No sooner had I crossed over into our sector than my engine quit - and then passed several nervous minutes in which I tried to find a spot with no trees, in largely pock-marked ground from shelling - and in which to land. Surprisingly, the Eindecker behaves better if landing with engine off (or destroyed in my case) - than with futile attempts to control its nearly nonexistent throttle settings. I quickly rolled to a stop in a fairly flat area of ground. By evening I was back at the 'drome above Zerkegem, lucky to have come back in one piece - although it would take two days to repair the Eindecker, which had also been dismantled and returned to the aerodrome, by truck, the next morning. I would take these two days to write down some of my observations on the Eindecker's flight characteristics - and committing much of the info. to memory, in hopes of engaging in more successful skirmishes against the rather ominous Parasols in the future.

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