Cap'n. Johnny Dobson's adventure no. 3....

My first flight as Captain was a broad circuit from our northern-most aerodrome at Armentieres, down to Neuve Chapelle, and then back. We were a flight of two, and, the flight being mostly uneventful, except for the winds at higher alts., we decided (when coming back north) to veer several kilometers to the right, over the German side of the lines, for better spotting - and, feeling confident, we proceeded as far north as to take us parallel to Lille.

Close to the lines at Lille, we observed a battle taking place far below - and then decided to cut back across our lines, flying directly over Armentieres before landing at our 'drome. I at least landed at my aerodrome - the other Parasol for some reason decided to land instead at the 'drome slightly to the south of our smaller, more northern one - I would later learn that this was owing to the direction of the prevailing wind and the sometimes sloppy (and dangerous) nature of tight turns when executed in the Parasol. Felix Salmond, the pilot of the other Parasol, therefore considered it the safer option to land further downwind.

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