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Jara, thank you for continuing to support this fine piece of software. While you’re still looking into things, could I ask you to build in a check for wind velocity that would warn me that the wind speed I input is insane? You see, I sometimes like to mess around with the numbers and I may change say 6 knots to 9 knots. By not being careful I sometimes get 69 knots, because I wasn’t paying attention and the entry instead of replacing the value, adds it instead. So then unbeknownst to me I fly in this weather and wonder why I am stalling while at max power, or why I’m hitting max G limit while flying straight and level. All I’m asking is for a warning to pop up when the wind is above ... I don’t know 12 knots, telling me that I’m about to fly in a hurricane (instead of a Pup), giving me the chance to go back and fix my mistake.
Is that possible?

Yep, consider it done, Tom. I must just add one more fix to skin selection code for hoongadoonga and I am going to release 1.8.7 version today evening.