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Thanks VonS. All this time you haven't flown campaign ? Campaign is the most immersive part wink

Did you change the FM on the Morane? If so that tail in the ground could more easily happen. FM changes can affects contacts and balance and so on.

Have been all this time in a variety of quick combat scenarios - so I'm looking forward to more campaign flying. Not only is it immersive but addictive too. smash

Didn't touch the Morane Parasol FM so far...just getting the feel of it currently (I think it flies fine so I will likely not tinker with its FM on my install...fine enough for a Parasol at any rate).

I'm assuming that the excessive rain created muddy conditions at the edge of the 'drome and the poor fellow sunk in after he came to a rest.

I've opened another campaign now as well, with a German pilot, so I will perhaps run them in tandem and see what happens...both are set in 1915. I might occasionally post here of the exploits and will treat this as a "casual campaigns" thread - good for practice until I'm ready to join the big boys under the DiD thread.

Von S smile2

Further notes for those following these posts: mods. installed so far as I run these early campaigns are ----- rivers mod, inflight map mod, historical victory info. mod, and the following fm mods (Alb. D.1 field mod, Fokk. E.IIa mod, Nieup. 10, 11, and 16 mods) ----- also modified are the "threshold" values in the simulation.xml file, for individual fighter-on-fighter contact (fightThreshold="-2" and withdrawThreshold="-3") ----- will see how these more "stubborn" settings pan out ----- most other things are set to max. realism in the in-sim settings panels, with flight-congestion at medium, and no "coercing" of flight paths for higher frequency of contact.

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