Hello gents', after testing and tweaking FMs largely in quick combat mode, thought I'd jump into a campaign to see what the excitement is all about and the immersion is very impressive. Got stuck with a Morane Parasol in May of 1915, in rainy weather, for the first flight (RFC 1), but Ltn. Johnny Dobson managed to return in one piece. Flew from the airfields at Armentieres north of Passchendale and made the circuit back, but being young and brave flyers, we decided it was easier to do recon. spotting by flying on the German side of the lines. Thankfully none of our engines conked out (flight of three). Landing back at the 'drome was however hair-raising in the wet weather (one of our fellows sunk into the mud literally), as was wrestling the winds at higher alts. at times.

Happy flying,
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