Thank you Redwolf for this good write-up. It certainly helps to save time when shopping for monitors.

I made the mistake of getting a VA (Acer) monitor a couple of yrs. ago for my sims (FE2/WOFF) - and, even though the stuttering was minor, it was irritating nonetheless in crowded dogfights - might also have been the case that there was a slight ghosting issue. Response time on the monitor was around 7ms if I remember correctly. I then switched to an IPS (Asus) monitor, 4 or 5ms response time, and have been running it ever since. No stuttering, smooth simming, good color representation and wide viewing angles.

Too bad the VA monitor had to go since the color representation (nice dark colors) and also text rendering on it was wonderfully crisp and thin (which I like) - but the subtle ghosting and micro-stuttering I couldn't tolerate for too long. With some tweaking, text rendering is fine on the IPS monitor too, but nothing matches the blacks of a VA monitor (great for viewing movies and artwork).

Never tried TN monitors - I suppose that's for hard-core first-person shooter gamers who like to mix it up online and swear by their ms response times. Then again, the really hard-core bunch still prefer CRT monitors even to the TN type.

Happy flying all,
Von S smile

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