Just going to add some info to this thread regarding monitors for those looking into upgrading/replacing.

Regarding panel types, in GENERAL (though there can be some specific cases that break this), here is a low down:


#1 IPS (generally best color representation of the class and strength of this panel type)
#2 VA
#3 TN


#1 IPS
#2 TN*
#3 VA

(* close to a tie here with IPS - newer versions of TN panels have really improved in this area)


#1 VA (best contrast of the class, truest blacks (and the main strength of this panel type))
#2 IPS/TN (pretty much a tie here in general with specific panels of each of these types can be found to have much better and also much worse contrast)


#1 TN (main strength of this panel type)
#2 IPS*
#3 VA*

(* mileage hugely varies here with both some much slower IPS and also VA panels, but this is an area that IPS newer panels in general are improving upon (though the clear class winner here is TN in general))

Price (most expensive to least (in general))

#1 IPS (priciest)
#2 VA
#3 TN

Also considerations - IPS has best viewing angles with little to no distortion (whereas both TN and VA panels have restricted viewing angles (TN the most in general)). Back light bleeding can be an issue with both IPS and VA (but more significant in general in IPS (IPS glow)) and ghosting more of an issue with VA panels vs the other two types.

There are definitely pros and cons of each panel type. What works best for you is ultimately up to personal preference and monitor usage.

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