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Don't believe I have posted this one. But for the Martlet men in the SimHQ community, I have added two new Martlet pics from TFS's very own Martlet man Spiritus Mortem, in the link below smile



Martlet pics

Thanks ATAG_Pattle. Now tell Spiritus Mortem if he makes us a Little Video I will Donate 20$ to the ATAG Website. hahaha winkngrin
Those are some nice pics and just look a Derna. That looks really nice.


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Looking forward to buy a new keyboard every 30 missions with the Martlet for those manual gears.

I am right there with you theOden. I loved in IL2 PF hitting those Rise Gear and Lower Gear buttons in the WildcatI I think i might have to make a 'macro' this time around to save my HOTAS button. biggrin

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