Wow, just WOW! Go Team Fusion! What an amazing line up. Plus a whole new Mediterranean map, updated special effects, new sounds, skins. What else have I left out? I have said it before and I will say it again, this is a day one one purchase for me. ATAG_Pattle, I just wanted to say, we have had other PR guys who reported a little here and there, but you, IMHO, have really done an over the top job of PR. Sharing the vids, the pics, big announcements and even the little details here and there have really gotten me, and I am certain many more, very excited for the release of 5.0. The way you have kept up a continual flow of updates at a fairly rapid rate I would venture to say has caused a lot of renewed interest in CLOD and 5.0 also. Having RAF74_Buzzsaw keeping the facts about everything going on with the whole project front and center has really helped clarify what to expect when this is released. Thanks for every minute of time you all have invested and the enthusiasm you have shown toward this project , it shows great dedication towards CLOD's still untapped potential. I am really hoping this will be a big success for Team Fusion Simulations & 1C(thanks Jason & Company) and for all of the hard work that has been done.
This is just looking FAN-Dam(n)-Tabulous!
yep thumbsup


Pump It Up! Click the speaker to turn on sound!

I have been waiting for this Little Beast in the pics below for a LONG TIME! Can't Wait!
Edit: We haven't seen any updated pics or video of the Martlett with the up to date Scenery. sigh Any chance whoever is testing the Martlett might take a few pics or a short video??? winkngrin

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