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Perhaps I am the only one, but I find this all confusing. No idea how these files are to be used. Why are there two files? They appear to be text files ... no idea what to do with them. Sorry to be daft, but some simple instructions would sure be a blessing. Thanks!

Hi 77,
download mandrews txt file, (right click on it and 'save link as'). Then Copy it from your downloads file to your desktop, open it and as you say it’s a txt file. So we need to change that to a bat file. So use the ‘file’ tab and click ‘Save as’, when you're in the ‘save as’ dialogue change the file name. In the file name add “.bat” (you don’t use the speech marks), change the file type to 'All Files' your new file should now should look different like a couple of cogs. Then simply double click that new file on your desktop. It should find your location and then copy in the all new skins.

You can check by going to your skins folder and seeing that both the old files and the new ones with the correct names are there.

Any problems let me know ...

I hope that helps ...


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