Over the past couple of weeks I've been playing some GTA. I wanted to check out what's new with the Casino update. That was released in the summer, but I just got around to having a look. There is a ton of new stuff, but after checking it all out there isn't much for me, at least as long as I have no heist crew.

I completed the single player mode a second time, and approached it a bit differently so the three mains would end with more bank. It's possible to end up with a couple of billion if you save Lester's assassination missions for after the big score at the end. I saved two of them, kinda playing it both ways, so that my characters had some paper while playing through the campaign, but also had some serious money for afterwards. Doing it this way resulted in each character ending the campaign with around $150 million but still having a few million on hand during most of the run.

When I finished the story mode the first time, I went straight over to GTAO so having a bank roll for the single player characters didn't matter much. This time though I wanted to see if I could get the 100% achievement, and still working on that (81%). There is a lot to do in GTA. Most of it is fun. Having the money to roll with after the main story is done is cool. I've bought movie theaters and helipads, supercars and aircraft, airfields and garages. This makes the game more fun as I run down the 100% checklist.

On the online side I was eager to check out the new casino. It's cool and all I suppose, but not for me really. I do stop by each day to spin the wheel. Free stuff in GTAO is always appreciated, since most everything costs an exorbitant amount of money. I've mostly gotten RP and casino chips out of it, and an ugly orange sweatshirt. But free is free. The main attraction for me is the Casino heist, which I would love to do. Until that is possible with non-randoms, the other content like arcades and penthouses has no value for me. Would be cool to have, but money is precious in GTAO, and at this point I see it as a poor way to spend it.

There are a bunch of new cars, and maybe I'll have to look in to a new one as my T-20 is slipping from it's perch. Last week was 2x Contact Missions and this week it's 2x Land Races. It's slow money, but all adds up. I've still never done any online heists aside from the Fleeca job I did with Oden a year ago. This is where the money is, and I'd like to run them, not that you wouldn't know this already having read through the thread, but with another year gone by perhaps some folks might be willing to give it a go?

I am sitting on a measly 2.5 mil at the mo, but it's enough for an arcade (needed to run the Casino job). This week the casino heist has boosted take and lowered cost for accomplices, but that ends Thursday. So if a few of you are interested let me know and we will run this thing. And the other heists too if so inclined. Or if anyone has an arcade already and wants to host it I'm in. I need money, and lots of it, to feed my supercar habit. I have too much empty garage space and that's just not right. Need to fill it with sick whips smile

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