Thanks for the warm welcome gents' and pleased to be here - from a few days of flying I can say that this is just as good a sim as WOFFue/pe, well done OBD. With WOTR and my little install scenario for early WW2 in SF2 biggrin I can now do some casual WW2 flying when the fancy strikes me. Very nice.

By the way, when landing the Spit in WOTR, I recommend coming in on one magneto - this gives smoother landings than two magnetos and flaps extended (the Hurri. has more subtle flaps - stage one good for takeoff, stage two for landing). On the Spit. however I managed to do a fine three-pointer by not using flaps at all and only one magneto - good touchdown speed is about 130-140 kph.

Happy flying,
Von S smile2

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