Not sure what happened in the time between my original post and now.

To return to the original topic, I will follow your instructions to the letter, and as-provided in this topic. I will proceed step-by-step, and refer to you as required. I have high hopes of getting this game up and running on a fairly modern system, which will allow the highest possible graphics settings. Stay tuned.

FWIW, I will install V1.60 onto my Master, Win 10 Pro drive. Nglide program installed. All the other components of the computer are far, far, in excess of what any version of any EAW-based game requires. If you desire further info, ask, and it will be provided.

I will wait a few days until I hear back from you before proceeding.

I look forward to playing ALL versions of the game, as I'm sure most others do. Playing them on my modern computer will allow the full visual impact of the game to be displayed, and that is what all this about.

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