To start with there is a link below to another forum page with installation downloads of earlier versions .
You can use the links on it to install different working versions of EAW from 1.26e to 1.29:
Right click on the link and open it in a new tab smile

Earlier full installations of EAW

The files that you download are 7-zip self-installers which create stand-alone versions of EAW.
No previous installations of EAW are needed.
Some have file-managers that may need the installation of runtime files- contact me if you need help.

The UAW160 trial version (Part 1):


The file you download is named "UAW160.exe" and it is a 7-zip self installer.
When you run it it creates a "UAW160" folder, which has the minimum files and folders for a working installation test.

Make sure that your joystick is plugged in before you run the eaw.exe

When you run the "eaw.exe" (but with your own "eaw.ini" file if you have one from another installation) it should give you the UAW default ETO theatre and aircraft.

This will be a test to see if UAW160 works with your operating system smile

If you have any questions just post in this thread wink

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