Hi Gents.

As some of you who might be aware of and for those who are not I took leave from this great forum late last winter/Spring and the Barmy lot that it contains due to a diagnosis of prostate cancer Dec 2018. Needless to say It was a long year but I am happy to advise that I went through successful Surgery to remove the cancerous appendage in late October with a brief stay at the hospital for 12 hours before being released to convalesce and recover at home.

During the past 6 weeks I’ve kept up with and read all the great threads and goings on posted by this League of Extraordinary Fine Gentleman within the forum. It definitely perked up flagging spirits at times while awaiting my post surgical pathology results of my prostate. So Last Saturday morning I received a call from my Urologist/Oncologist advising the great news that the cancer did not spread!!! Yahoo!!! Results of lymph nodes and surrounding tissue were free of any cancer. No radiation treatment or chemo! Just a psa blood checks every 3 months to keep on top of the possible return of cancer. What a wonderful pre Christmas present almost a year to the day on 10 Dec that I received those dreaded words “ You have cancer”. Follow up will be for a 10 yr period. So I wish to extend to all of you a toast at the virtual bar, raising my glass “ Gentleman a glorious return to fight, fly, and die (not to much of this one) over and in the war torn skies of France WOFF style!” Cheers!

All the best, your friend,
Deejan (Formerly Djan7066)