and yet.....played maybe 10 missions with and without the Nvidia sharpening....and found I like the vanilla serve from OBD better...w/out the sharpening. It was an interesting change and fun to have as an option but I like the softer curves of the sim as is. It's fun to strap on the mods but from this broken-ass veteran of this fabulous sim (been w/ CFS3 a mere 40 years).....if you just install WOFF PE and play as'll be fine. All the fabulous adds over the years, OBD have incorporated to make the game another step better. So....for any new takers out don't HAVE to deal w/ the tweaks....they're fun....just run the game as is and you'll be fine. None of us can resist a twitch for that fractional improvement.....but just know that Out of the Box delivery of WOFF PE is #%&*$# near tedious fossil expeditions to find fixes. The patches are easily avialable and easily installed and the only hitch is that you'll have to update your rig to meet the cool stuff on offer. God Speed