RSColonel, I can't stand the characters in GTA5 and won't play it even though I tried. I really detest them and even though its part of those game's style, I hate the over the top, dirtiness and satire of that game. Red Dead Redemption is worlds different than GTA games in overall character. It still has its characters one might be drawn to and others that become hated but they've created some interesting stories and characters in the RDR universe of which I'm a fan. I don't necessarily like every decision Rockstar makes with RDR, but I do really enjoy the RDR universe but in general despise the GTA world.

The key is in the title. There are redemptive qualities in the story's overall theme with certain characters. Arthur Morgan became one of my favorite video game characters to add to that list for me. As Dbond says, the game has an honor system and it somewhat plays into the story and from my understanding, depending on how you behave the entire game, you may get a different ending.

I played Arthur as predominantly benevolent where I personally would try to be however I still experimented in a role playing sort of way with antagonizing only a select few individuals in camp. As the story progressed I would role play and even try to be nice to some people who are terrible just to pretend I was trying to be a peacemaker but still had time to role play and revert back to my antagonistic mode towards certain people and because of how the story begins to unfold, it felt like a natural thing to role play a certain way towards certain characters. There is a ton of voice acted dialogue too which just makes those behavior choices more interesting and basically expounds and enhances the story that you see with the one being more fleshed out in your mind.

There was a time early on in the game though where because of a certain scene, just when I thought that our character Arthur Morgan might be a good guy, something would happen to make me think, "Well, maybe not." That's what's good about the story telling in the game though. It kept me guessing for a long time as to who would be what and who would do who wrong especially having played the first game twice and knowing that John Marston is a character you encounter in the second game. Arthur's story is a good one. I don't want to give away anything. It needs to be experienced especially after playing as Arthur for many, many gaming hours and many adventures.

When it came to other bad guy gangs in the game, I usually was always antagonistic and brutal.