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The trouble is that you attack anybody who disagrees with you even if it is just your opinion and not a fact (such as which is a better monitor, like 1080p versus 1440p or 2160p monitors and tell people how they should spend their money on PC parts).

And the really funny part is no matter what is said, YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO HAVE THE LAST WORD. unless the Dev's shut you off like many times in the past for all your negative comments.

So what this is really about is you're upset because of a thread where it's discussed that 4k is not worth it...and others here, as well as many reputable sources online, actually agree with me.

I see.

Well, I'd really like to continue our chat here, but I really should be working on the two builds I'm being paid to do right now...7th and 8th for the year, unless I've lost count, and that's not counting family, or any upgrades vs entire systems. Some of this was done for/with people from this forum, and I continue that work as well.

And of course, this is all just "hobby" work, not the normal, full-time computer work I usually get paid to do.

I can certainly see why you think no one values my input.

Of course I'm sure you're busy with all the professionally-compensated computer work you've got going, too, so good luck! Always nice to chat.