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The trouble is, you do act like you know it all, that is why so many people in the past made comments about all the negative comments that you were posting here on the site even though you sold your game.

None of that is my fault, and the negative comments were (and remain) completely unnecessary. They are simply attacks by people who can't be mature enough to accept not everyone agrees with them. And again: Owning something currently is not a requirement for having an opinion on it.

As far as what I know, I don't need to apologize for my professional experience, training, or work in this field. I've helped many, many more than the few who seem to get their feelings hurt here. And when I share that knowledge, I am more than happy to back it up with fact. Proof. Measurable evidence and empirical data. And that just really seems to bother some people when it shows that their opinions might not be accurate.

So, what normally happens is because they can't maintain an untenable position, they resort to the old standbys: "You don't own the game" (immaterial), or the insults and personal attacks. Ad hominem.