Once again, it is completely absurd to suggest that because I do not currently own something, I cannot be aware of problems with it. History has proven this over and over again, as with the Chevy Vega: Few people owned them, yey many many more are aware of the corrosion problems they had. It's an irrelevant argument.

Not only that, but the fact is, I did own the game a one point, and I owned it long enough to test a great deal. During that time, I proved the exact issues that I remain concerned about to this day - and the issues have not been disproved, by anyone.

In other words, the facts just don't agree with your arguments. I don't run around here telling you how to think, so kindly stop trying to tell me I have to think like you just because you say so. Let's discuss facts and what can be proven, measured, and demonstrated...and leave the personal insults out of it.
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For some one who does not even own the game (since you sold your copy quite a while ago), you sure like to spout off a lot on this website. I wonder why ???

As usual, we can't address the facts at hand, so we resort to name-calling. Very mature.

As I explained above, the "You don't own it" argument is invalid, and I owned it long enough to prove there are still issues which - to me - affect the game too much. The fact is, the issues can cause an adverse outcome that has nothing to do with player skill or actions. So - for me - this is a problem.

If it's not a problem for you - that's great. I don't complain because you like the game, and it shouldn't bother you so much that someone doesn't see things like you do.