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Have you considered taking the plunge into VR? At that price, and black Friday coming up you can get a good deal on one. Trust me when I say once you play a flight sim in VR, You'll want to store your monitor back inside its box. I mean like a full 2 hour flight in VR is amazing.

orby, I've tried VR on various systems a dozen times or more over the last year and I always end up with motion sickness. I'm afraid VR is not in my gaming future.


Lou, before I did buy my Odyssey+ I also did some demos on an Rift and Vive, only all the demo’s where standing positions and always there was something the did gives you the impression of fast moving & sharp turning. At an flysim you sit on a chair and like in WoFF BoX, you will not make that much fast turning and in a plane you do not have any notion on the speed, as the terrain is slowly passing by and your flight members stays with you.
Because WoFF/RoF can not handle real VR and IL2-FC is very bad made in VR (by that clumsy Russian design buro), I, after 20y 99% only playing WW1 went to rFactor2 & Assetto Corsa. (1920-1970 period).
In rF2 & AC,( I only play in VR) I did notice that avoiding sickness is just a matter of finding the right adjustments (game & headset). It is not complete being solved because when I drive a hill climbing rally I feel also very sick. But driving at high speed and hard braking leMans as one of the BenteyBoys in a 1932 Bentley blower or Porsche 917k or an curvy Grand Prix in a Bugatti Tank 1923, all on old circuits, its very impressive, no sickness.

BTW before buying any VR sets, skip the Asus, Lenovo, Dell, old Rift, VivePro and Pimax4k crap, its is all obsolete.
New ones to be considered can be found on websites like https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/109-virtual-reality-and-vr-controllers/
Be also prepared for an expensive hardware upgrade if wanting to run on high adjustments with lots of AI. I went from an OC i7-7700k 5,1Ghz delidded, to an 9700k, still my GTX1080 needs to be upgraded to something like an RTX2080super. sigh