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I agree with KK regarding the 21:9 aspect adding to games as it gives you a wider field of view. I have the Acer Predator XR34, 34" curved 3440x1440. https://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/acer_xr341ck.htm

They do a GSync version now (https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/predator-model/UM.CX0AA.P01) but I use mine in GSync compatible mode with no problem.

Oh one problem is with high res - the dots/pixels are often smaller so harder to see the desktop details as your desktop fonts are smaller too. I have to wear glasses more often than I did to read the screen.
You can change font sizes in windows options though but not ideal for some.

That's a genuinely gorgeous monitor, no doubt. I actually looked at the Predator series and ultimately picked the LG more because of cost (on sale) than anything else.

However, as discussed above: There's a healthy increase in pixels (almost 80% more) going even from 21:9 1080 to 21:9 1440. For many people, that difference is probably going to mean upgrading their GPU. I'd say at a minimum to get even halfway decent frame rates, it would require a 1070 or better. Pretty sure if you want something near 60FPS you're probably looking more in the range of the new 2070 "Super", or a 2080. This potentially adds $500+ to the budget. After spending $750 on a monitor, I'm pretty sure Her Royal Highness would be doling out a royal a$$-whipping, if I topped it off with another $500 on a new GPU. biggrin biggrin biggrin